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The Third Thursday GOA BOOK CLUB

TTT Goa Book Club



TTT Goa Book Club seeks to promote the reading of Goa-related books (books by Goan authors, books on Goa, and books in any way connected with Goa). It is an initiative of Goa,1556 and is hosted by Broadway Book Centre, Goa's largest bookshop.

Meetings will begin at 5 pm on the Third Thursday (unless otherwise announced here) of each month at Broadway Book Centre, Panjim. Closing time depends on the convenience and interest of members present.

Rules: The club is open to all. To join, sign up at the moderated online discussion group at

There is no charge for attending. However, the 'fee' every attending member will need to 'pay' is to (i) bring along one Goa book, new or old, which you have read (ii) describe informally and before the group the book and your experience while reading it -- what you liked about it and what you didn't -- in 3-5 minutes (iii) pass around the book (at the meeting) for others to see and return, and explain where it might be available for those interested.

Every participant is a speaker at this event, so come prepared to speak briefly (and informally). Occasionally, the coordinators may invite speakers to address the group on special topics related to Goa books -- preferably in short 15- or 30-minute sessions. Every attempt will be made to keep meetings participative.

Any locally-used (or other) language can be used in the discussions. If anyone has difficulties in understanding, we may request your help, or that of someone suitable, to translate the same. Books that could be discussed include books published in English, Konkani, Marathi, Portuguese, Hindi or any of the languages in which Goa is written about.

To promote awareness about, and visibility of, Goa books, the Third Thursday Club encourages members to exchange, swap or sell extra copies of their Goa books with one another. Members however understand that is not part of the formal club activities, and each one is responsible for their own deals. Lists of Goa books available for swapping or sale may also be shared online via the mailing list. See

Volunteers are welcome to take this iniative forward.

Leroy Veloso, Co-coordinator, 9881333927, leroymarvel at

Frederick Noronha [Goa,1556], Co-coordinator, 9822122436, goa1556 at

Launched on Nov 16, 2010...